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Streamlined end-to-end services for international freight forwarding:

Ocean Freight

Offering FCL and LCL options, you get competitive rates and custom services to meet your specific needs.

Air Freight

Meet your transit timeline worldwide with streamlined data for real-time tracking and delivery.

Freight Trucking

Expertly move your international freight cross-country with custom solutions tailored for your goods.

Customs Brokerage

Be confident that you are compliant with government regulations for seamless global trade without delays.

Contract Logistics

Business logistics involves more than moving goods. Your operational supply matters. Monitor and manage the demand for better profits.


Protect your cargo with our selection of insurance plans and smooth claim processing.

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Freight forwarding can be a nightmare.

I don’t know where my container is!

Your shipment should have arrived last week but you have no idea where it is. Is it a weather delay or a customs clearance issue?

I’ve already sent you all the invoices and documents!

You emailed the invoice and all the necessary documents, so why are they emailing you requesting more documentation?

I need my container fast.

Your products are moving of the shelves but manufacturing is taking longer than expected. Can you get the goods on time without prohibitive shipping costs?

Get shipping visibility in your palm with data you can trust.

Plan or track your cargo, anytime anywhere, on the W Group digital platform. Our seamless online freight services use artificial intelligence and smart analytics to give you bump-free shipping. Finally, importing goods can be stress free.

See how simple it is with our platform W Connect

Move your global freight without anxiety


  • Guessing where your shipments are.
  • Email uploads and unending convos.
  • Locking yourself into a destination or route.

Choose W Group as your fright forwarder!


  • Knowing the current location of your cargo.
  • Uploading documents only once per shipment.
  • Flexible shipments that work for your needs.