Global Shipping Trends: Insights for the Year Ahead

Posted on March 30th, 2021

2020 was a challenging year for the shipping industry. However, it inspired much needed change. You may notice shipping trends in 2021 that could shape the future of the industry. Most notably the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift from physical shopping to online shopping by a whopping five years according to Tech Crunch

Take a look at additional global shipping trends that you can expect to see throughout 2021 in today’s article. 

Demand for Affordable Global Shipping

Many consumers and shipping companies are looking for more affordable ways to export and import products. Global eCommerce is increasing rapidly but the demand for cost-effective shipping will increase during the year too. 

That’s because cost management is important to any business. To assist you with affordable shipping options you should consider using check freight services from W Group Worldwide so you can save on major export or import costs. With these services you’ll get the following benefits: 

  • FLC and LCL options for ocean freight
  • Insurance that protects your cargo
  • Managing your shipment with contract logistics
  • Customs brokers

Most importantly you can ship goods at a rate that’s much more affordable compared to other types of shipping services. 

Commercial Drone Deliveries 

Another trend you may notice is the use of drones for commercial deliveries. In August 2020 the Federal Aviation Administration approved drone deliveries. Commercial drones can fly over residential areas to deliver packages.

The pandemic has encouraged people to have less interaction with people to protect them from contracting the Coronavirus. Therefore, the best way to deliver goods is using drones. 

However, since drones are small there may be a major limit on item weight. The use of drones for delivery is still new but in the next coming years, merchants could also use drones for delivery. 

Shipping Goes Green

Sustainability has become a driving force for many years now to stop the effects of global warming. On the other hand, sustainable companies boost customer loyalty and growth and it’s cost-effective. 

There is an awareness that the transportation industry emits a significant amount of CO2 emissions. That’s why shipping and logistics companies are becoming more sustainable. To lower their overall carbon footprint, logistics companies are using solar-powered vehicles and they have advanced energy management. 

Final Thoughts 

Are you looking forward to all the new and exciting global shipping trends in 2021? It would seem consumers are waiting for the chance to accept packages from drones while shipping companies are looking for new and improved ways to become sustainable. 

Of course, saving on shipping rates is important for businesses that export goods to different countries. If you’re one of those businesses that are looking for affordable shipping rates then consider using services from W Group Worldwide to optimize your shipping processes and build an effective logistics strategy

We hope you found our shipping industry overview on expected trends useful to start thinking of new ways to ship goods for your business. 

Full Guide on Shipping to the United States

Posted on March 21st, 2021

Full Guide on Shipping to the United States

There are some processes before shipping to the United States that every business must adhere to. Shipping requirements such as customs clearance and various types of paperwork need to be done to ensure the safety of the crew handling packages and the people who will receive them. 

So what is required when shipping items to the USA? Find out what paperwork you need, what custom clearance is all about and what you should do before and during your shipment in today’s article. 

Understanding Paperwork and Custom Clearance 

When shipping items to the USA they must go through customs to be cleared. You’ll need a customs invoice when sending your shipment to America. This document will include the following information: 

  • The amount of tax you need to pay
  • Payment for duties 
  • Collection address
  • Delivery address
  • A summary of the goods you’re shipping
  • Total shipment value
  • The reason for export
  • Country of manufacturer 
  • Itemized value of each product in the parcel 

All details on your custom clearance invoice must be accurate. One aspect to remember is that no tax will be applied to your shipment if the total value is below a specific threshold. If your shipment has tax or duties applied to it the receiver of the items will be contacted by customs for their tax ID. 

Before Shipping to the USA

Before shipping to US states you must first check whether your list of goods aren’t banned in the country. Refer to the list of goods that are prohibited to ensure you don’t send items that are illegal to the US. If you violate regulations you can be charged a fine, detained or your goods may be confiscated. 

Next, you should research shipping costs. Whether you’re shipping from Europe to USA states or shipping from Asia to USA states the cost can be high. Take a look at a shipping service such as World Logistics Group for the best quotes on exporting goods to America.  

During the Process of Shipping to the US 

You must provide complete details of the person or company you’re shipping goods to in order to make delivery easier for the shipping company. Make sure you’ve provided the following details: 

  • Name of the receiver and his or her ID number or papers
  • The receiver’s address including house number, street name, state and zip code 
  • Phone number in case customs or the shipping company needs to phone the receiver 

You should also adhere to packaging specifications when shipping to the US. All items must be packaged in cubed or rectangular shaped boxes. Fragile items must be packed in wooden boxes with polystyrene foam. 

Final Thoughts

Follow our guide when shipping to the USA and remember to adhere to the regulations so that you don’t get fined for sending items that are banned. Make sure your customs invoice is 100% accurate and if you’re looking for additional information refer to US Customs Border Protection legislations.

Optimizing Logistics: Crafting Your Strategy – W Group

Posted on March 14th, 2021

There is more to logistics than making a few decisions about warehousing and transportation. That’s why you need to implement the best logistic strategies in 2021 so you can optimize workflow and stay ahead of your competitors. 

Supply chains are constantly evolving so you must develop an effective logistic strategy so you can save on costs and make deliveries on time. Keep reading to find out more about how you can develop a proper logistics strategy for your business.

What is Logistic Planning?  

Logistics planning is when you gather information on every component within your organization so you can put structures in place to optimize business. These strategies ensure you have the correct plans in place so you can deal with any problems or changes in the industry more effectively. 

Why You Need a Logistics Strategy 

Since the logistics industry is always changing some new processes may affect the flow of business. You must be able to adapt well to any trends introduced in the supply chain industry. The only way to be flexible is by creating a strategy. 

Logistic strategies will assist you with identifying the impact of changes on different areas of your organization. That way you can devise a plan so that you can continue offering high-quality services to clients or customers. 

Determine the Levels of Your Logistics Infrastructure 

Here are the four levels that you should consider when doing strategic logistics management. 

What’s Your Strategy? 

You must examine your company’s objectives and make sure that your services align with each other. Look at how you can improve your services by making adjustments to your processes. 

Examine Structural Issues

What does your logistics infrastructure look like and where is production slowing down? How many warehouses do you have and how does this affect your strategy? By fixing structural issues in your organization you can optimize workflow within your supply chain. 


To develop successful logistic strategies you must know how to implement them the correct way. It’s not ideal to make drastic changes because it will confuse your employees and there will be higher risk for errors. Slowly introduce new policies and procedures so everyone is on board. 


Does every component in your logistics company function correctly from sales to operations? See how you can get employees to work together to improve your organization’s functionality. 

What to Examine When Building an Effective Logistics Strategy

There are different types of logistic strategies but no matter which way you plan you must make sure every component in your business is working together. Check the following: 

  • Transportation services: Make sure your transportation strategies assist service levels. 
  • Outsourcing or partnerships: Determine whether outsourcing or partnering with a third-party organization will improve your services. 
  • Your competitors: Do research on your competitors to see what they’re offering and then make changes to your business to stay ahead of your oppositions.  
  • Data or logistics Information: Make sure all data in your logistics business is correct to eliminate errors.   
  • Your logistics system:  Ensure your current logistic systems provide the level of data that is required for checking and processing information. Check shipping app software to track shipments and to ensure deliveries are done on time. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your logistics business fall behind in 2021. Use the tips in our article to develop a proper strategy to ensure your logistics business is running at its full potential.