About W Group: Seamless Freight Solutions with Proactive Support

With competence, courage,
and creativity we solve EVERY
freight issue for you.

The W Group Story

No hair pulling, finger drumming or foot stamping.
No wasting hours because of time zones, or for document approvals. No questioning where cargo is and no begging for updates.
Rest with your arms bent behind your head and watch your cargo moving to its destination.
Isn't that something to look forward to?

We launched W Group to change the shipping industry - to solve problems before they happen. We wanted to be the freight provider with complete support & multiple solutions. So, we created a network of shipping groups - with each group specializing in their field. Now you can have the W Group solution.

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What we do:

Ocean Freight

Freight Trucking

Air Freight

Customs Brokerage

Contract logistics


What makes W Group different

Professional Planning

Put our skills to work - analyzing and strategizing at the highest standards - we’ve been shipping since 1990! And, we have the W Connect Shipping App to help us.

Stubborn Creativity

Nobody is as determined as we are to push your freight forward. We succeed where others have failed with daring vision and dynamic solutions. It’s the W Group Solution.

Generosity of Spirit

Being kind is part of our freight vision. We go the extra mile in all our business relationships and we don’t believe that we are a sucker for doing so. Our atmosphere is pleasant and always welcoming.

W Group made it easy for these companies.

And W Group makes it easy for you too.

Use W Group for a seamless experience of clicks on our app.