Reliable Transportation Solutions: Ocean Freight, Trucking, and Air Freight Services

Sea and air shipping, freight trucking and customized service solutions.

International Freight Services

At W Group, we specialize in comprehensive international freight services designed to meet your global logistics needs. Our extensive network and expertise ensure seamless, efficient, and reliable transport solutions. From ocean and air freight to trucking and customs brokerage, we handle every aspect of the logistics chain, providing tailored solutions that enhance your supply chain efficiency. Partner with W Group for a trusted, end-to-end freight service experience that drives your business success worldwide.

  • Non-ending freight issue?

    We challenge the industry with creative solutions.

  • Results?

    Freight is tracked and you receive updates until delivery.

W Group sea, land, and air shipping services. Whatever it takes to bring the goods to your arms.


Full Container Load (FCL)

Ideal for high-volume shipments, FCL provides exclusive container use, ensuring security and efficiency.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

Perfect for lower volumes, LCL allows sharing container space, offering flexibility and cost savings.

Bulk Cargo

Specialized for large, unpackaged goods, our bulk cargo services handle oversized shipments effectively.


Cost-effectiveness Capacity for large volumes Global reach through an extensive network


Air freight provides unmatched speed and security, ensuring your shipments reach their destination quickly and safely.

Services Offered:

Express Shipping - Fastest delivery option for urgent shipments. Standard Air Freight - Efficient and reliable service for regular cargo. Special Cargo - Handling of perishable, hazardous, and oversized goods.


Fast and efficient delivery Global reach with extensive airline partnerships Reliable and frequent flights


Full Truckload (FTL)

For large shipments, FTL provides exclusive truck use, ensuring efficient and direct delivery.

Less than Truckload (LTL)

Ideal for smaller shipments, LTL shares truck space, offering flexibility and cost savings.

Specialized Hauling

Handling of oversized, hazardous, and temperature-sensitive goods with specialized equipment and care.


Reliability and timeliness Flexibility for various shipment types Extensive regional, national, and cross-border coverage

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What services does W Group offer?

    W Group offers ocean freight, air freight, freight trucking, customs brokerage, contract logistics, and cargo insurance services designed to provide comprehensive and efficient freight forwarding solutions.

  • What types of products do W Group handle?

    W Group handles a wide range of products, including commercial goods, industrial equipment, consumer products, and specialized cargo, ensuring they meet the unique needs of various industries.

  • How does W Group ensure faster delivery?

    W Group ensures faster delivery by utilizing optimized routes, real-time tracking, and a global network of offices and partners, enabling efficient and timely shipments.

  • Can I track my inventory and shipments in real time with W Group?

    Yes, W Group offers real-time tracking of inventory and shipments through their W Connect app, providing visibility and updates on the status and location of goods.

Freight forwarding is not just moving cargo.
It’s a nuisance of communication, documentation and regulations. W Group manages it for you.


Imports and exports need to comply with government regulations on both sides of the border. With our extensive freight experience, you will seamlessly clear points of entry. We know the laws and documentation you need to prevent delays and fines, keeping your shipment on schedule and on budget.


You run a successful business despite fluctuations in supply and demand. Skip the complex decisions and let us monitor your operational supply. Receive your goods when you need it, where you need it.


Now you can relax. Even if an accident happens. You will get reimbursed for shipping damages without haggling with an insurance provider. We clear your claims swiftly. You get the compensation promptly.

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